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One in five Internet users runs an ad blocker today…

Yet the vast majority of adblock users are willing to see ads if the usability, performance and privacy issues are resolved (according to the adblockers themselves).

Blockthrough allows you to monetize your adblock users by serving them fast, clean ads that can’t be detected by ad blockers.

It identifies your adblocking users and delivers them nonintrusive ads that load faster, use less bandwidth and don’t invade their privacy.

It’s quick & painless to set up, and it doesn’t affect the way you monetize your non-adblocking audience.

Benefits for Publishers

Recover revenue lost to ad blockers

Recover your lost ad impressions and monetize your adblocking audience.

Works on desktop & mobile

Reach your entire adblocking audience on any device, both on their browser and in-app.

Defeats every type of ad blocker and every blocking technique

Feel confident knowing that you’re unlocking your full revenue potential.

Benefits for your Audience

Faster page loads & better user experience

Ads load up to 5x faster; your adblock users won’t see any impact on the performance or usability of your site.

Respects users’ privacy

Ads delivered via Blockthrough don’t invade users’ privacy with 3rd party cookies.


Our ad delivery workflow can’t be used to deliver malware.

About Blockthrough

We’re passionate believers in the free Internet, and ad blockers disrupt the delicate balance it depends on.

At the same time, users download ad blockers for a reason. They’re tired of intrusive ads that slow down page load times and invade their privacy. In fact, we use ad blockers ourselves.

But what if publishers could recover their lost revenue by serving ads that don’t annoy their users?

Our solution does just that.

We don’t just circumvent ad blockers; we fix the issues that drove your users to download ad blockers in the first place.

That’s why we were named a Top 10 Startup in AdTech by Launch Festival 2016.


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